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Podcast Ownership Agreement

The union`s state twisting. I think we should start with the information: in what is both a sign of the times and a nod to the times ahead, Crooked Media is preparing to launch a daily podcast to continue to satisfy the meteoric appetite of its riding. The last thought – which some say, is the most important, and in my experience, it is the one that most people want to talk about – it is intellectual property: who has control over intellectual property, derivative rights, licensing, raw materials (sublime bandusw.), decisions about sequels (can the producer do his shopping elsewhere?), and who is crucial, the podcast feeds itself. First, you must have agreements with all your employees that state that they are employees and not owners. Although this is not a strict legal requirement, it is a very good practice. If you don`t have these agreements, you may end up facing legal action (but only if you are very successful) in which an employee claims to be an owner. Second, you can get a license to play popular music. It will be a complicated and costly process. You need to know who owns the copyright and who has the power to copyright (you can usually get licenses for popular music from a handful of major repositories). Once you find the right company you can talk to, you can easily talk about a license fee in a thousand for a single song. I`m all for great music, but I can`t imagine paying this kind of license for a podcast.

Subsequent podcasts have all taken a big risk. According to brand law, the show that started first had the exclusive right to use the name. Accidents even happen to longtime podcasters, and Todd and Mike had to record this episode twice. File recording doesn`t turn out as you hope. In some cases, a podcasting company may decide to hire the creator of a show as a collaborator. In this context, it is important to identify and identify the content that has been brought to the company`s work prior to the work of the staff. The daily podcast will lead Crooked Media to the year 2020, which will naturally be determined by the upcoming US presidential elections. And the company is preparing for the most difficult year ahead. In addition to focusing on the election of its core shows – Pod Save America, Pod Save the World, Lovett or Leave It – Crooked Media also draws on its experience with The Wilderness and develops further essays on the audio documentary series. The set should be known to many hot-Pod readers: if these audio documentaries go well, they can be repackaged to feed the company`s nascent television business. But the problem with the Wild West is that it eventually bursts into industrialization, which ends up causing chaos that can manifest itself in many ways.

[Deadwood watches once] That`s how it comes to contracts and commissions, or the formal process by which podcast producers – usually freelance, independent and/or generally solo – get people working with money, who are increasingly coming from other industry contexts. As podcasting attracts more attention from these external providers of opportunity, we see the use of behavioral standards derived from other media contexts that are not always adapted to podcasting. This creates a less ideal environment for audio producers who do not yet need to organize themselves as a creative class. It`s a warning. If you don`t have your agreements in writing, open yourself to an argument.