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Teleradiology Services Agreement

3.1 Operating requirements. The hospital provides facilities, equipment, supplies, services, services and other services and services, including dictation, transcription or writing services, to support voice recognition when available and necessary for the proper functioning of the service and facilities. 1) Who pays for certification? Some teleradiology providers cover these costs or some of them, others do not. Whatever your arrangement, it has to be clear from the beginning. 2.10 Use of premises. The contractor may not induce anyone who works with the contractor, or who is otherwise related to the contractor, to use part of the service or facilities for purposes other than the provision of services under this agreement or as part of an agreement with a hospital-related facility. Notwithstanding the above, the hospital recognizes that the contractor also provides services to other facilities in the region and that the effective provision of hospital services under this regulation will require the contracter`s radiologists who sign reports and/or offer one-on-one consultations on hospitalized patients while they are physically in another place of hospitalization. As a result, the contractor may, to a similar or greater extent, conduct individual consultations or reports on the notification of patients from other facilities in the service or institutions, on a part-time professional basis, taking into account the reciprocal rights of the contractor in other facilities, to a similar or greater extent, to enable the effective delivery of radiological services to the hospital. Without restricting the universality of the above rates, the contractor cannot use or participate in conduct that could compromise the hospital`s tax exemption, licensing, accreditation, Medicare or Medicaid participation agreements, accident insurance, access to financing or exempt hospital funding status.

The platform and process can be frustrating restrictions on their compensation. If a z.B. platform can`t display more than one image at the same time or forces you to step off the platform to make a call or get important information or consultation, you`re wasting time, productivity and the ability to work (and earn) your potential. We often see this in private firms and small or medium-sized groups that use the trading platforms of external software development companies. I feel compelled to point out here that the vRad platform was designed by radiologists, from the bottom up specifically for the teleradiology environment. This will allow our radiologists to focus more on their practice, their patients and their potential. In the end, they give more control over their compensation. 3.1 Billing and collection by the contractor.