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Service Agreement Box

“Additional services” are the services requested by the customer. Box provides support services to help the customer solve problems (“Help Services”). Support services do not include (a) any physical installation or removal of the API, boxing software and any documentation; (b) visits to the client`s website; (c) all professional services related to boxing, including, but not exclusively, personalized development, data modeling, training and knowledge transfer; or (d) the configuration, configuration and use of the boxing service. The provision of a box for professional services, if any, is subject to the performance of an additional professional services (“addendum PSO”) to this agreement and the payment of the costs incurred. The parties agree that services are not services normally purchased for personal, domestic or private use or for consumption. To the extent permitted by law, our liability for non-compliance with guarantees, conditions, guarantees or obligations that are implied or imposed by law is, depending on our choice, limited to one or more of the following consulting services:- 27.1 Consulting Services. In the event that you order professional, educational, operational or technical services (all “advice services”), the technical sheet or statement of work referred to describes in more detail the nature, details and duration of the consulting services. BYU has tasked Box.com providing cloud-based storage accounts to all BYU students, teachers and employees. As a BYU user who has provided Box.com account (the “service box”), you are responsible for all the data and content you download from the boxing service or otherwise create with the boxing service (the “Data Set”). If you choose a paid service, you must provide us with up-to-date, complete, accurate and authorized payment information (for example. B credit card information). You allow us to charge for the payment method provided for the services you have selected and for all the paid functions you have chosen.

We can charge: (a) in advance; b) at the time of purchase; (c) shortly after purchase; or (d) if you have chosen a subscription service on a recurring basis. As Box has not received your payment, to update your account, we can charge you for both amounts due to the past and for current amounts. If you do not terminate your account, we can automatically renew your services and charge you an extension period. You understand that non-payment of fees or fees may result in the suspension or cancellation of your services. Box reserves the right to change its prices at any time, but if we have offered a certain duration and fee for your use of the service, we agree that the fee remains in effect for that duration. After the deadline for submitting offers expires, your use of the service will be billed with the corresponding current fee. If you do not agree with these changes, you must terminate the use of the Service and cancel by email cancel@box.com (with confirmation of cancellation of a boxing representative). When you terminate your service expires at the end of your current service or payment period, no refund is given for previously paid services. “Product (s) platform”, the boxing API (s) that provides programmed access to the service from a platform application and all the additional platform product features and features. The platform`s products have certain features that allow a service/user/platform account user to view, comment on and comment on content (“Show”) when specified in your order. Box APIs, tools and services, provided for the development of a platform application in relation to APIs, are also platform products. 4.

Unlike the compensation provided in paragraph 3 for your own personal data, you cannot store on the BOX the sensitive personal data of others (for example. B SSN, driver`s license) and/or sensitive financial information of others (e.g. B tax documents, informed